ReFuel U: Leadership Essentials


This ReFuel U: Essentials course includes all 4 modules in our training! Check out the lessons below:

Module 1: YOURSELF // This module's about the things you need to do for yourself to be prepared & equipped, leaning primarily on Jesus so you don’t get burnt out, frustrated, or lose your passion for ministry.

Lesson 01: First Things First

Lesson 02: Reach, Preach, Teach

Lesson 03: Run It!

Module 2: YOUR TEAM // This turns the focus on building your team as a well-oiled machine with you as their leader.

Lesson 04: Recruit

Lesson 05: Train

Lesson 06: Lead It!

Module 3: YOUR STUDENTS // Now, it’s time to put the emphasis on THEM, only if your previous building blocks are in place.

Lesson 07: Events

Lesson 08: Curriculum

Lesson 09: Own It!

Module 4: YOUR PARENTS // Partner with the parents in your ministry and be seen as a great resource to them.

Lesson 10: Understand

Lesson 11: Be the Expert

Lesson 12: Enlist, Equip, Engage


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